Thursday, February 27, 2014

From a Cold Week to Cold and Dreary Weekend

Days at a Glance:

Friday: High: 46 Low: 37 Skies will be sunny throughout the morning and early afternoon hours, but clouds will start rolling in mid afternoon with rain chances increasing.  Winds will start out calm, but will become a wind out of the southeast between 5-7 mph during the later half of the day.  Chance of rain: 40%

Saturday: High: 55 Low: 42 Skies will be cloudy throughout the day with a chance of the sun poking through during the afternoon.  Rain chances will most likely have diminished by noon.  Winds will be out of the south between 6-8 mph.

Sunday: High: 52 Low: 30 Skies will remain cloudy as rain chances again increase.  Winds will be out of the southeast between 8-10 mph.  Chance of rain 80%.

This map shows forecasted amount of rain we will get from early Sunday to early Monday.  Estimates are anywhere between 0.10" to 0.25"

Well, it is another round of typical winter weather in Bowling Green.  As the weekend gets closer, so does the chance of rain.  A weak system is going to put a bit of a damper on this weekend.  The first chance of rain we will get will be tomorrow night through Saturday morning as the warm front associated with this system makes its way through, but the chances are small due to the fact that not many times do warm fronts cause rain.  One positive side to this is that after the warm front comes through, we can expect a slight warm up as the winds start coming out of the south.  Our main chance for rain will be all day Sunday as the cold front associated with the same system makes its way through, and again, like what happened at the beginning of this week, we can expect the temperatures to drop back down to typical Bowling Green winter temperatures after this front passes.

-Forecaster: Will Paschall

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