Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hopping Back Into Spring-like Weather

Days at a Glance:

Friday: High 68 Low: 46 Skies will transition from mostly cloudy skies throughout most of the days to cloudy skies near sunset as a weak system makes its way through our area. This system will bring a slight chance of rain late afternoon to evening Friday.  Winds will start out calm, but will transition to coming out of the south at 5-7 mph.  Chance of rain: ~20%.

Saturday: High: 74 Low: 47 Skies will be clear to mostly sunny with winds out of the northwest between 7-10 mph during the day.  Winds will decrease to about 3-5 mph during the evening.

Sunday (Easter): High: 78 Low: 55 Skies will start out clear and sunny with increasing clouds by late afternoon and into the evening.  Winds will be out of the southeast between 4-6 mph.  

Forecast Discussion:
Hope everybody gets a chance this weekend to get out and enjoy this beautiful spring weather.  The weather looks nice and warm, perfect for all of the Easter Egg Hunts and other holiday activities.  With regards to the rain chances on Friday, there is a weak system that is going to be making its way through our area from mid afternoon to early evening. This system has the probability of producing a few stray showers, but nothing like what happened this past week.  Saturday and most of the day Sunday will be nice and beautiful with temperatures near perfect for most outdoor activities, but our next storm system will start making its way into the area late Sunday evening.  Standby for next week's post for more details.

Forecaster: Will Paschall

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Quick Jab from Winter!!!!!

Days at a Glance:

Monday: High: 70 Low: 37 Scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely overnight Sunday through Tuesday morning.  Winds will be start out of the south between 10-12 mph and will gradually change to coming out of the west throughout the day.  Wind gusts can be as strong as 35 mph.  With the rain, we can expect between a quarter and half an inch of rainfall. Chance of rain: 90%.

Tuesday: High: 47 Low: 29 A chance of showers will continue from Monday with a slight chance of the rain changing over to snow/rain mixture during the early morning hours, then changing back to rain after sunrise.  Winds will be out of the north between 5-7 mph.  Rainfall accumulations will reach about a tenth of an inch with very little if any snow accumulation.  Chance of rain 50%.

Wednesday: High: 59 Low: 40 Patchy frost is possible in the morning.  Skies will be sunny with winds southeast between 7-9 mph.

Thursday: High: 65 Low: 48 Skies will be clear with winds coming out of the southeast between 7-9 mph.

The map on the left is what is expected for roughly 7:00 am Monday morning.  The temperature then will be in the in the upper 50s.  If you look 24 hours later (on the right), you will see that (on the right, you will see that our temperature has dropped to about freezing level.

Forecast Discussion: 

A moderate cold front will be moving through our area late Sunday night into early Monday bringing with it a good chance of showers and thunderstorms.  These storms are not expected to be severe, but the forcing of the cold front will cause surface winds to strong with wind gusts forecasted to be between 30 and 35 mph.  Behind the cold front is a pocket of cold air that will cause our temperature to drop during the day Monday and into Tuesday.  With the temperatures approaching freezing and the chance of rain still in the forecast late Monday into early Tuesday, there is a chance that some of the rain could change over to snow.  With surface temperatures above freezing, there is very little accumulation expected.  Expect clear conditions for the rest of the week as more spring like temperatures return.

Forecaster: Will Paschall