Sunday, November 23, 2014

Showers Leaving, Cold Returning

This has been a rather cold and dry November thus far, but we picked up some rain and warmer temperatures this weekend!  High temperatures broke into the lower 60s in many places across the area both yesterday and today.  Our high temperatures for this time of year would normally be right around 60°. However, prior to this weekend, we experienced many days that did not even make it into the 50s, and it looks as if those colder temperatures are back in the forecast once again.

As shown in the graphic below, the cold front currently situated to our west is going to move through our region early tomorrow morning.  The showers and thunderstorms associated with this cold front and low pressure system are going to be affecting us throughout the night and into tomorrow morning.  Although this front is expected to produce strong winds tonight and tomorrow, no other severe threat is expected.  As the front makes its way out of the area during the day tomorrow it is going to take those showers, storms, and gusty winds with it, but it will also be ushering in some colder temperatures behind it.

Surface forecast map valid for 12Z (6:00 AM CST) courtesy of the NWS Weather Prediction Center
Tonight’s low temperatures will not be far from tomorrow’s highs.  We are expected to reach our high temperature earlier in the day, then temperatures will drop throughout the afternoon after the passage of the cold front.  Although high pressure will begin to build in after the passage of this system and bring us some clearer skies, we may not see temperatures any warmer than the upper 40s for quite a while.


Tonight:  Cloudy skies, a 90% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, lows near 54°, and winds out of the south at around 12-18 mph with gusts as high as 30 mph.

Tomorrow:  Mostly cloudy skies, a 50% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms, highs near 56° with temperatures dropping throughout the day, and winds out of the southwest at around 15-20 mph with gusts as high as 40 mph.

Tomorrow Night:  Partly cloudy skies, lows near 32°, and winds out of the southwest at around 5-10 mph.

Tuesday:  Sunny skies, highs near 46°, and winds out of the west at around 5-8 mph.

Tuesday Night:  Mostly clear skies, lows near 26°, and light and variable winds.

Wednesday:  Mostly sunny skies, highs near 45°, and winds out of the south at around 5-8 mph.

Forecaster: Arden Gregory

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wet and Warmer Weekend Ahead

Current Conditions:
Good afternoon everyone.  After below normal temperatures the past few days, a warm up is finally in store.  This morning the low for Bowling Green was 18° and we warmed up nicely to 54°.  Currently a surface low is located over the northern tip of Michigan, and a cold front stretches from Michigan down to the southeast corner of Missouri.  A surface high is currently located over southeast Nebraska and northeast Kansas.  The warmer temperatures today are attributed to a warm front that moved through earlier today.  The surface high pressure over Nebraska and Kansas will begin to move into our area tomorrow.

Forecast Discussion: 
Tonight, the surface cold front that is running through southeast Missouri will continue to push southeast bringing colder temperatures with it.  No precipitation is expected as the front moves through due to a lack of moisture.  The surface high pressure will then move in and be in control tomorrow afternoon into Friday.  Thursday night into Friday a disturbance will approach us from the southwest, however due to a lack of moisture, no precipitation is expected with this system.  Friday night into Saturday this same disturbance will continue to move off to the northeast.  As it moves off to the northeast, a brief shower is possible early Saturday morning.  Saturday night into Sunday a surface low will approach from the southwest bringing rain chances back into the forecast.  Ahead of this system, winds will be out of the south allowing high temperatures to be in the low-60s by Sunday.

Surface map valid for November 20 at 12:00pm CDT.

Days at a Glance:

Tonight:  Expect a low of 29° before midnight under partly cloudy skies.  Winds will be out of the west at 5 - 10 mph.  No precipitation expected. 

Thursday:  Expect a low of 26° and a high of 40° under mostly sunny skies.  Winds will be out of the south at 5-10 mph.  No chance of precipitation. 

Friday:  Expect a low of 23° and a high of 41° under mostly clear skies becoming partly cloudy.  Winds will be out of the southeast at 5-10 mph.  No precipitation expected.  

Saturday:  Expect a low of 30° and a high of 51° under mostly cloudy skies.  Winds will be out of the south at 5-10 mph.  A small disturbance will move through in the morning.  Chance of precipitation is 20%.   

Sunday:  Expect a low of 43° and a high of 61° under mostly cloudy skies.  Winds will be out of the south at 10-15 mph.  Rain will move through around noon.  Chance of precipitation is 60%.

Forecaster:  Tyler Binkley