Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Weather Makes a Comeback

Days at a Glance:

Sunday: High: 55 Low: 27 Skies will be partly cloudy throughout the day and then gradually clear up overnight.  Winds will be out of the north between 8-11 mph.

Monday: High: 46 Low: 28  Skies will be clear throughout the day with a few clouds popping up overnight.  Winds will be out of the north around 6 mph during the day, and change to coming out of the northeast around 5 mph overnight.

Tuesday: High: 48 Low: 19  Skies will be partly cloudy throughout the day, but a weak system will bring in some clouds throughout the afternoon with a chance of some precipitation.  When this system gets here, we can expect light rain showers at first, then a brief transition period of rain and snow as temperatures drop below freezing, and then light snow showers that will most likely dissipate around midnight.  Very little accumulation of both rain and snow are expected with this system. Winds will be out of the north between 5-7 mph. Chance of precipitation: 30%.

Wednesday: High: 30 Low: 20 Skies will be partly cloudy during the day as the weak system from Tuesday finishes moving through the area, and then clear up during the late afternoon to evening hours.   Winds will be out of the north between 8-10 mph.

Thursday: High: 40 Low: 24 Skies will mostly clear throughout the day with some stray clouds rolling into the area during the evening.  Winds will be out of the northwest around 6-8 mph.

This map shows the predicted amount of rainfall from 6:00 AM Tuesday to 6:00 AM Wednesday.
For the Bowling Green area, we can expect .01 to .10 inches of rain to fall.
Forecast Discussion:

Don't put away those heavy coats, caps, gloves, and scarfs just yet.  Last week was only Mother Nature teasing us with spring weather, including the severe weather.  As a direct result of last week's cold front that caused the severe weather, cold air from Canada will filter down into our area causing temperatures to return to the typical Kentucky winter weather.  Associated with the typical Kentucky winter weather, we can expect a weak clipper system to come through our area on Tuesday bringing rain and snow chances. Since the high temperatures have been, and will be, well above freezing, we can expect little to no accumulation of snow on the streets and as much as a trace on the lawns. Still be careful if you are driving Tuesday evening as there still may be a chance of black ice to form on overpasses and bridges since it does not take long for those road temperatures to become cold enough for water to freeze on it.  Other than that, expect temperatures to be chilly with the winds making it feel even chillier.

Forecaster: Will Paschall

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