Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Storm Impacts

Warren County is under a Winter Storm Warning which begins at 3PM Sunday, March 2 and ends 12PM Monday, March 3. The main threats from this storm: 1) 1-3 inches of snow and sleet. 2) 0.40 - 0.75 inches of ice. 3) Strong gusty winds up to 30 mph out of the south. 4) Treacherous road conditions and tree damage due to the ice and wind.

A large cold front has passed through the area bringing with it cold temperatures, heavy rain, and strong winds. Temperatures started today around 54 degrees but has fallen and will continue to fall into the low 30s. Bowling Green is expected to drop below freezing by 4 o'clock this afternoon and stay below freezing until midday Tuesday. This will bring in freezing rain. This is rain that falls in the liquid form but the surface temps are below freezing. Once it hits the ground, it freezes immediately. This afternoon expect freezing rain with a mix of sleet and snow. It will switch over to snow completely around 3AM Monday morning. Snow totals are expected to be 1-3 inches with nearly half an inch of ice to accompany that.

Sunday Night: Low of  20 degrees. Mix of freezing rain, sleet, and snow that will transition to all snow after midnight. Winds around 15 mph out of the south. Snow accumulations of 1-3 inches. Ice accumulations of 0.4 - 0.75 inches.

Monday: High of 26 degrees, Wind out of the south at 15 mph. Wind chill values of 6 degrees. Snow expected to continue until noon. Low of 8 with wind chill values of -2.

Tuesday: High of 33. Mostly sunny with a light wind around 5 mph. Low of 15.

Wednesday:  High 36. Low 23. Mostly sunny for the day.

Forecaster- John Logan Thomas

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