Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter Weather Update

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect until 6 am Central Time Saturday!

At 2:00 pm central time, the temperature was hovering at 33 at the Bowling Green/Warren County airport. The temperature has been hovering between 32/33 for some time now. The temperature at Smith's Grove is 32.2 degrees. The drop to freezing and below the freezing mark seems on pace with the earlier forecast of 3 pm or later. However, precipitation is lingering well back into Arkansas and thus some minor adjustments to the forecast seem warranted. While little to no ice is forming in BG at this time (keep in mind it needs to drop below 32.0 for ice to form, at 32.2 this will not occur), the temperature should drop ever so slowly to allow ice to begin forming on most elevated surfaces by 5 pm. Some reports from N Warren county have been received of at least minor icing. Road temperatures just to our south in Simpson county remain in the upper 30s (38.1 on I-65 in Franklin) and thus ice is not expected to form on roadways until later this evening. Keep in mind that traveling northward will result in running into worsening conditions quickly. Accidents have been reported north of Morgantown on the Natcher Parkway.

Radar as of ~2:45 pm
Thus the forecast... rain is changing to freezing rain across Warren County now (from NW to SE) as temperatures fall to and below 32. Expect minor icing to begin in the next 2-3 hours in Bowling Green. Moderate freezing rain will continue through the afternoon as temperatures drop. Ice accumulations are expected to range from 0.10 to 0.20 with increasing amounts as you more north and west; up to 0.25 is possible in NW Warren where icing is already beginning. This is a slight increase in expected icing amounts from earlier forecasts with the expected increase primarily due to a good deal of continued precipitation which is moving in from the west. Freezing rain is expected to continue until ending between 7-10 pm. A switch over or a mix with sleet and possibly snow is possible after 7 pm with minor sleet/snow accumulations possible. After 10 pm most precipitation should have come to an end in Warren County though freezing drizzle could continue through the early morning hours. Temperatures will drop into the upper 20s around 7 pm and temperatures will dip to around 20 by morning. Thus certainly icy roads are likely in some locations this evening through tomorrow morning.

Timing: Now - 10 pm (Freezing Drizzle through the early morning hours)
Hazard: Freezing rain, possibly mixing with or changing to sleet/snow after 7 pm.
Amounts: Ice- 0.10-0.20 (up to 0.25 in NW Warren, lowest amounts in SE Warren); Snow/sleet- less than 1"
Impacts: Icing on elevated surfaces, though accumulations should cause little in the way of impacts (ie no tree limbs/power line problems). Icy areas are expected to develop this evening and overnight on roadways, especially as temperatures drop into the 20s. Traveling north and west will result in icy roadways even at this hour.

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More ice is expected to have impacts Saturday night/Sunday morning... and update concerning such will be sent on Saturday.

Forecaster: Ryan Difani

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