Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Start with Rain, End with Heat.

Days at a Glance:
Thursday: High - 80  Low - 65  Winds - S switching to WNW near midnight Friday at 6-8 mph  Precipitation - 60% scattered showers diminishing into the afternoon  Skies - overcast becoming partly to mostly cloudy into the evening and overnight hours

Friday: High - 79  Low - 61  Winds - WNW at 6-7 mph  Precipitation - 10% isolated showers before noon  Skies - mostly cloudy with peaks of sunshine emerging more into the afternoon

Saturday:  High - 77  Low - 56  Winds - W switching to SW near midnight Sunday at 6-7 mph  Precipitation - 0%  Skies - mostly sunny

Sunday: High - 84  Low - 63  Winds - SSW at 10-12 mph  Precipitation - 10% pop up showers late afternoon and into the early evening  Skies - partly cloudy with clouds increasing into the evening

Showers today in south-central Kentucky were less intense and much more isolated than advertised. Bowling Green could still receive overnight showers with totals under .10-.20 of an inch expected. This threat will continue into tomorrow morning as a weakening cold front slides through before drastically diminishing into the afternoon hours. Overall rainfall accumulations will likely be under half of an inch with .25 as the base estimate.
Weather Prediction Center's 6 Hour Probabilistic Forecast for Thursday from 7 am - 1 pm for rainfall accumulations greater that .25 of an inch. Notice the general band of greater than 40% probability spanning SW to NE over our area that denotes the cold frontal boundary. 
Showers will again be scattered in coverage and light to moderate intensity. Clouds and the last few sprinkles of rain will clear out by noon on Friday with morning totals only reaching a few hundredths of an inch at best. Friday afternoon and Saturday are looking pleasant and will be a nice relief from the approaching summer-like conditions as the heat and humidity makes a return on Sunday.  

Forecaster: Austin Boys

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