Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekend Rain with a Beautiful Ending on Mother's Day

Days at a Glance:
Thursday: High - 84  Low - 55  Precipitation - 20% isolated showers  Winds - SSW at 10-12 mph  Skies - partly to mostly cloudy

Friday: High - 72  Low - 63  Precipitation - 85% widespread showers  Winds - SSW at 15-17 mph  Skies - overcast

Saturday:  High - 64  Low - 57  Precipitation - 40% scattered showers clearing by daybreak  Winds - SSW switching to NW in the early morning at 12-13 mph  Skies - overcast with clouds sticking around until late night when clouds will clear

Sunday: High - 62  Low - 45  Precipitation - 0%  Winds - NW at 9-10 mph  Skies - clear to partly cloudy

Isolated showers may interrupt a pleasant day tomorrow with precipitation totals between .1 and .2 of an inch. Regardless, warm weather will continue until substantial rain enters the area on Friday into Saturday. The main threat will be widespread rain that will be plentiful for Friday and early Saturday before tapering off into the early afternoon. Totals are expected between 1-1.25".
WPC Quantitative Precipitation Forecast for Friday. Notice the broad swath of soaking rains spanning the lower Mississippi and Ohio River valleys.

Clouds will stick around and thin out throughout the day before clearing out into the evening. Sunday is looking beautiful for Mother's Day, so get out and enjoy the nice weather! 

Forecaster: Austin Boys

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