Sunday, May 5, 2013

Continuation of Weekend's Weather

Days at a Glance:
Monday: High - 67  Low - 49  Winds - N switching to Variable into the afternoon at 6 -8 mph mph  Precipitation - 80% inches scattered light showers  Skies - Mostly cloudy to overcast

Tuesday: High - 71  Low - 48  Winds - Variable switching to NNW into the afternoon at 6 -8 mph  Precipitation - 80% scattered light showers  Skies - Mostly cloudy to overcast

Wednesday: High - 73  Low - 52  Winds - NNW switching to Variable near midnight at 6-8 mph  Precipitation - 70% scattered light showers  Skies - Mostly cloudy to overcast

As advertised, Bowling Green received 2.31 inches of rain yesterday and today according to the WKU Farm Mesonet. Cloudy conditions and scattered showers are still persisting across the region. With a stagnate upper-level pattern and an almost stationary surface low over our area, cloudy and wet conditions will persist for the next three days at least. For each day, cloud cover and associated showers will be most prevalent during the day. Total accumulations for each day and the period overall look light.

Weather Prediction Center Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (QPF) for Monday - Wednesday. Warren County is on the outer fringes of maximum rainfall.

Monday and Tuesday will each likely see up to .10 of an inch and Wednesday is looking to be under .05 of an inch of rain. Over the next three days, our area could experience around a quarter of an inch, with overall rain rates light. With that said, keep the umbrellas handy.

Forecaster: Austin Boys

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