Monday, May 13, 2013

Rain in the Forecast

Days at a Glance
 Tuesday: High - 82  Low - 60 Precipitation - 0% Winds - SSW 2-6 MPH Skies - Mostly sunny skies throughout the day.  

Wednesday: High - 83 Low - 59 Precipitation - 10% Winds - South at 5-10 MPH  Skies - Clear with clouds building into the late evening hours.

Thursday: High - 80 Low - 60 Precipitation - 70% Winds SSW 10-15 MPH Skies - Cloudy with rain moving in during the morning hours and pushing out by mid evening. 

 Sunny skies will dominate tomorrow and Wednesday as temperatures surge into the lower to middle 80s. Our next desturbance will move into Bowling Green in the early morning hours on Thursday with scattered showers. Amounts are still in question.

Composite reflectivity valid for Thursday morning.
Severe weather is not expected at this time because of lacking instability. Look for another update Wednesday for specific amounts of rain. Enjoy the sunny weather while it lasts!

Forecaster: Brian Urbancic

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