Friday, January 11, 2013

Rain Rain, Go Away!

The warm up is here and in progress as we are seeing temperatures throughout the night rise. We could possibly see some records broken this weekend as well! The cutoff low is just to our west in the upper levels. It'll dig out a little first before being reabsorbed into the jet. Winds coming from the south are saturating the air in the 700mb levels of our atmosphere and a warm front on the border of northern Kentucky is bringing in those warm temperatures. The rain tonight will begin to push out late tomorrow morning and become scattered.

Another system is on tap for Saturday. A deepening trough will be working its way to the east and will be dominating our pattern for the remainder of our weekend and into next week. Take a look at the saturated air moving in:

700mb Relative Humidity valid for Saturday afternoon. Notice the saturated air dominating the state of Kentucky.
This is just priming the area for the next system coming through. A cold front will be making its way across the state early Sunday morning. The temperature gradient on this front is decent. I chose this picture (below) because it is easy to see the cold front. Can you see it? Take a look at the wind barbs. Notice the line of the barbs coming from the northwest then just to the east notice the barbs then coming from the south.

Notice the cold front beginning to move through Bowling Green, and the temperature gradients behind it. Almost 30 degree differences within miles.
With this front coming through, rain will follow. Amounts will be high, in the range of 1.5 to 2 inches of water falling in Bowling Green. Expect higher amounts to the west.

HPC rainfall forecast valid for Friday through Sunday. More precipitation the further west one goes.
Severe weather does not seem to be a concern for this system at the moment but we will keep you updated if anything fires up. So what kind of temperatures can we see for this weekend?

Friday:      High 70      Low 57     Record: 68 (1916) - Bowling Green

Saturday:  High 71      Low 56     Record: 73 (1916) -Bowling Green

Sunday:    High 55      Low 33 

So to recap, rain pushing out Friday late morning and becoming scattered. Another round of rain and thunderstorms on Saturday and a slow dragging cold front moving through Sunday morning with heavy rain at times and thunderstorms. Have a great weekend everyone!

Forecaster: Brian Urbancic 

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