Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pleasant End to the Workweek, Rain Returns this Weekend


Temperatures have been a bit below average the last few days.  Our normal high for this time of year is around 72°.  However, today Bowling Green only reached a high of 65°.  We have not made it into the 70s since Sunday.

Tomorrow and Friday will both be rather similar to today with temperatures in the low to mid 60s.  Tomorrow will be mostly sunny and rather pleasant as a high pressure system moves in from the west.  However, the clouds will build back in on Friday ahead of a low pressure system.

As shown in the graphic below, that low pressure system will move in from the west and bring with it yet another chance of rain.  This system is expected to bring chances of showers and thunderstorms to our area beginning later in the day on Friday.  These scattered showers and storms will be with us throughout the day on Saturday and into Sunday morning.

Forecasted surface map valid at 7:00AM on Friday, April 24th courtesy of the Weather Prediction Center.
So far, our rainfall total for the month of April is 8.8 inches, which makes this the 5th wettest April in Bowling Green history.  With more rain in the forecast, that rain total will continue to grow.  This month could rank even higher before April is over.

So, get outside and enjoy the weather tomorrow and earlier in the day on Friday if you can because both those days should be rather nice.  Saturday’s warmer weather will be coupled with scattered showers.  Then, we will dry out and cool back off for the start of next week.


Tonight:  Mostly clear skies, lows near 37°, and light winds out of the WNW.

Tomorrow:  Mostly clear skies, highs near 62°, overnight lows near 36°, and winds out of the northwest at around 5-10 mph becoming calm in the evening.

Friday:  Mostly cloudy skies, a 60% chance of PM showers, highs near 63°, overnight lows near 53°, and winds out of the SSE at around 5-10 mph.

Saturday:  Cloudy skies, a 70% chance of showers and thunderstorms, highs near 73°, overnight lows near 53°, and winds out of the southwest becoming northwest at around 5-10 mph.

Sunday:  Mostly cloudy skies, a slight chance of AM showers, highs near 66°, overnight lows near 45°, and winds out of the north at around 5-10 mph.

Forecaster:  Arden Gregory

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