Thursday, October 16, 2014

Clear Conditions for Weekend

It has been a rainy first half of the week here in Bowling Green, but it has also been a rainy first half to the month.  We have already had almost 5 inches of rain in just this first half of October, and over half of that fell this week! So, some clearer conditions are definitely overdue.  The good news is that that is exactly what we have in store for this weekend.

The low pressure system that brought us so many days of rain will continues to become cutoff and push off to the northeast and off the coast.  Then, as shown in the 250 mb map above, a more zonal upper level flow is going to settle in and clear conditions are going to dominate much of the US.  As shown in the graphic below, we will have a weak cold front move through on Friday afternoon and evening, but it is not expected to bring us any rain.

Forecast of Fronts/Pressure and Weather valid Fri 18Z

As we be take a break from all this rain, you will not be needing your umbrella this weekend.  However, you may want to keep your jacket handy.  Our average high temperature for mid-October is 71°.  Tomorrow we are actually going to exceed that, but this weekend we will be back down into the 60s.


Tonight:  Mostly clear skies, lows near 48°, and winds out of the south at around 3-5 mph.

Tomorrow:  Mostly sunny skies, highs near 77°, and winds out of the SSW at around 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow Night:  Partly cloudy skies, lows near 48°, and winds out of the northwest at around 3-5 mph.

Saturday:  Mostly sunny skies, high near 64°, and winds out of the northwest at around 5-7 mph.

Saturday Night:  Partly cloudy skies, lows near 39°, and light winds out of the NNW.

Sunday:  Sunny skies, highs near 61°, and winds out of the north at around 3-5 mph.

Forecaster: Arden Gregory

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