Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pleasent Days Ahead!

Finally we have some decent weather, with sun and the absence of storms with the cold front passing us yesterday. Current temperature in Bowling Green is 60 degrees, with a southwest wind at 10 mph and scattered clouds. Current visible sattelite can be seen below, with scattered clouds moving into the area and developing to our west.

Visible satellite showing scattered clouds moving into the Bowling Green area currently.

Peaks of sunshine will help raise today's temperatures to around 64 degrees. As we look ahead to tomorrow we have more of the same with cooler temperatures and scattered cloud cover throughout the afternoon. High pressure begins to move in pushing our temperatures up to possibly 80 on Sunday. This weekend looks perfect to spend outside cooking, or getting some yard work done!

Forecast at a Glance

Friday - High of 65 with a low around 43. Wind 7-10 mph with scattered clouds developing throughout the afternoon. 

Saturday - High of 74 with a low around 45. Winds 5-10 mph with scattered clouds.

Sunday - High of 80 with a low of 60. Winds 5-10 mph with scattered clouds.

Forecaster: Brian Urbancic

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