Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Wet Start to the Week

Current Conditions: Good afternoon everyone.  After a mostly sunny start to the day this morning, clouds have pushed in from the south ahead of our next weather system.  Currently a surface low is centered over eastern Texas with a stationary front stretching across the Gulf of Mexico.  The current timing puts the rain in our area around 8:00-9:00 P.M. tonight.  As the rain moves in, be sure to take it easy if you have to be out on the roadways.

24 Hour Precipitation Total - Day 1
 The Weather Prediction Center's Day 1 precipitation map shows 0.75" of rain in our area once the rain has moved out.  Our official high today was 65 degrees.

Forecast Discussion:
Surface low pressure over eastern Texas will move to the northeast overnight tonight and will be out of our area by tomorrow night.  Rain will continue across our area tonight into tomorrow morning and will become scattered around lunchtime.  On Tuesday, another chance of light rain is possible around lunchtime as an upper-level system moves through.  After Tuesday we dry out and return to mostly sunny skies by mid-week.

Days at a Glance:
Tonight: Expect a low of 50 degrees under mostly cloudy skies.  Winds out of the NE at 5 mph.  Precipitation will move in tonight.  Chance of precipitation is 90%.

Monday:  High of 60 degrees under mostly cloudy skies.  Winds out of the Southeast at 10 mph.  Precipitation is likely in the early morning becoming scattered around lunchtime.  Total accumulation once the rain moves out will be from 0.50"-0.75".  Chance of precipitation is 80%.

Monday Night: Low of 47 degrees before midnight under overcast skies.  Winds will be west at 5 mph.  Scattered precipitation is possible in the overnight.  Chance of precipitation is 20%.

Tuesday:  High of 56 degrees under mostly cloudy skies with winds west at 5 mph.  Precipitation will move in around lunchtime.  Chance of precipitation is 50%.

Tuesday Night: Expect a low of 40 degrees before midnight under partly cloudy skies become clear.  Winds will be Northeast at 5 mph.  No precipitation is expected. 

Wednesday: High of 61 degrees under mostly clear skies.  Winds will be out of the Northeast at 5 mph.  No precipitation is expected. 

Wednesday Night:  Low of  41 degrees before midnight with winds out of the Northeast becoming south at 5 mph.

 Forecaster:  Tyler Binkley       

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