Sunday, December 8, 2013

Will Snow Re-enter the Forecast?

Days at a Glance:
Monday: Low of 32 only rising to a high of 35 under overcast skies. S winds switching to NW before daybreak at 8-12 mph. No precipitation expected until midnight into the overnight hours.

Tuesday: Start at a chilly 23 rising to 37 under mostly sunny skies with clouds clearing into the evening hours. N winds switching to W throughout the day at 8-12 mph. 40% chance of wintery precipitation beginning around midnight and dissipating around sunrise. Light accumulations anticipated with exact type still in question.

Wednesday: Begin at a chilly low of 18 rising to a high of 35 under mostly sunny skies with clouds increasing into the afternoon before clearing overnight. Winds light and variable. No precipitation expected.

Thursday: Low around 21 with the high temperature staying below freezing under sunny skies. N winds at 5-7 mph. No precipitation expected.

Isolated showers that impacted and moved out of our area this evening are part of a system predominantly impacting areas SE of us with widespread rain. We only accumulated .02 inches worth between 7-8pm, but at least its plain old rain and not the freezing kind. Temperatures will drop around the freezing mark tonight before cooler air enters the area tomorrow morning under NW winds. This colder air is associated with a dry cold front which will keep temperatures fairly constant throughout the day with a high of 35 under cloudy skies.

Question mark in the snow symbolizing the paragraph below.

The big question mark for this forecast period is a small disturbance passing through the area Tuesday morning before daybreak. Models are having a tough time agreeing on the type of wintery precipitation and whether any will fall at all, hence the 40% confidence. There will be an update forecast concerning this disturbance tomorrow night with the rest of the forecast to remain intact.

Following the potential for wintery precipitation, precipitation will stay clear of the area for the remainder of the forecast period. However, clouds may increase into the afternoon on Wednesday as a dry cold front advances another Arctic blast of air into the area. This will be felt most noticeably on Thursday as a strong high pressure parks over us. Temperatures will stay below freezing under sunny skies. Overall, it will be a rather cold first half of the week.

Forecaster: Austin Boys

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