Sunday, October 27, 2013

Welcome Back to Fall...

Daily Forecasts:

Monday: High: 66 Low: 50  Skies will remain mostly cloudy throughout the day with a slight chance of some showers up till 1pm or so.  Winds will be relatively calm.  Chance of rain will be only 20%.

Tuesday: High: 70 Low: 58 Skies will continue to remain mostly cloudy with a slight chance of a shower in the morning changing to a higher chance of a shower or thunderstorm after 1:00 pm or so.  Winds will change from a calm wind in the morning to around a south wind between 5-8 mph. Chance of rain increases to 40% as you go throughout the day on Tuesday.  We can expect less than an inch of rain to fall.

Wednesday: High: 74 Low: 60 Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy with the sun poking through every once in a while with a small chance of a shower throughout the day.  Winds will speed up to about 10 mph during the day and slow down to about 6 mph during the evening and overnight hours.  Chance of rain will be 20%.

Thursday (Halloween Night): High: 70 Low: 54 Skies will be cloudy throughout the day with higher chances of showers and thunderstorms than they were on Tuesday.  Winds will pick up to a south wind between 10-14 mph.  Chance of rain will be 60%.  We can expect more rain than on Tuesday.

Precipitable Water, aka most likely where rain is falling, for Thursday around 1:00 pm


Now that we have officially thawed out from the winter tease we had at the end of last week, we can now officially say hi to the typical Bowling Green fall weather.  Monday and Wednesday will be good days for any outdoor activity, except sunbathing, as we are going to have pleasant conditions with a chance of a stray shower or two.  We can expect a higher chance of seeing rain on Tuesday as a shortwave passes by bringing with it warmer temperatures and a chance for more showers and thunderstorms.  The main event of the week though will not happen until Thursday, which ironically is Halloween night.  It is still too early to tell whether or not this system will still have enough strength to produce severe weather in our area, but we can still expect that we will have a soggy and windy Halloween, so be sure that all of your outdoor decorations are securely fixed to the ground or risk them being blown away.  This system will be monitored as the week goes on and updates will be issued if necessary. 
Forecaster: Will Paschall

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