Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Severe Weather Threat

Stormtopper Network has officially been upgraded to an Alert status.  This is all due to the severe weather threat for tomorrow (10/31) afternoon and evening.  The Storm Prediction Center has put Bowling Green, KY and surrounding areas in a 30% chance of having severe weather tomorrow. 
From the latest model runs, we are anticipating these storms to be firing up after 3:00 pm and to continue till about midnight.  Due to the fact that these storms have the capability to continue to the late evening hours, we strongly advise you to have a NOAA weather radio nearby in the case of late evening warnings.  Since tomorrow is Halloween, it is highly advised to reconsider any outdoor activities as these storms have the chance of producing severe winds as well as a possible isolated tornado.  Even if no severe weather materializes, these storms will produce heavy rain.  The National Weather Service, Warren County Emergency Management, and Stormtopper Network strongly advises anyone and everyone to tune in/be listening to their local news stations as well as the National Weather Service offices in Nashville, Paducah, or Louisville for any watches/warnings.

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