Monday, April 1, 2013

April Enters the Bluegrass State Dry and Cool with a Beautiful Week Ahead!

Days at a Glance:
Monday: Partly cloudy. High 55 F, Low 30 F. Light winds at 5-8 knots (5-9 MPH). Precipitation - 10%:

Tuesday: Clouds will begin to clear and lead to partly sunny conditions. High 52 F, Low 28 F. Light winds 1-2 knots (1-2 MPH).  Precipitation  - 0%.

Wednesday: Sunny skies warming into the upper-50's for the high around 57 F. Low 37 F. Precipitation - 10%.

After passage of two cold frontal boundaries Sunday leaving behind cooler temperatures for Monday, surface high pressure will move in from the west and dominate the forecast period from Monday-Wednesday. Monday will start off cloudy with breaks occurring in cloud cover throughout the morning and afternoon allowing for sunshine to peek through. Temperatures will continue fairly close with this weekend's temperatures reaching highs in the mid-50's and lows reaching down into the 30's. Tuesday will be a bit cooler as clouds begin to clear out. Highs will be in the low-50's with lows in the upper 20's overnight with scarce cloud cover and more loss of daytime heating. Wednesday will bring a slight warm up with temperatures back into the mid-50's and Lows in the mid-30's. The next best chance for precipitation will come Thursday as a disturbance moves in from the west. An update of forecast amounts and timing will be provided in greater detail on Wednesday.

GFS Mean Sea Level Pressure, Surface Temperatures, and Precipitation valid Thursday 00 UTC (7 pm Wednesday CST).
Forecaster: Emily Yates

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