Friday, March 29, 2013

Rain for the Weekend

Days at a Glance
 Friday: High- 51 Low- 37 Winds- 5mph Precipitation- 70% Showers developing early in the morning and pushing through Friday mid-afternoon.

Saturday: High- 65 Low- 39 Winds- 5-7mph Precipitation- 0% Clouds moving out early Saturday morning.

Sunday: High- 66 Low- 50 Winds- 5-10mph Precipitation- 50% A line of showers will move through Bowling Green early Sunday morning with a warm front pushing through.

Showers will be making their way through Bowling Green early this morning. By mid afternoon, they should be pushing off to our east. Skies look to stay cloudy all day preventing our temperatures to rise too much. Look for a high of 51 tomorrow. On Saturday skies look to be clear with temperatures surging into the mid 60s. By late Saturday night into early Sunday morning, a line of showers look to be moving in shown in the picture:

00Z NAM Reflectivity run valid of 0600Z on Sunday. A line of showers moving through associated with a warm front.
This line of showers is associated with a warm front. After the passage, winds will be southerly with temperatures getting above 65. Rain amounts could reach a quarter of an inch. 

Forecaster: Brian Urbancic

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