Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Warm Up with Showers on the Way

Temperatures tomorrow morning will start out on the chilly side in the mid 30s but they will rebound tomorrow to a high of 63. Chance for scattered showers early tomorrow morning, but the better chance for showers will be Thursday night into early Friday morning as a line of showers begins to make its way into Bowling Green.

NAM Reflectivity valid for Friday at 0600 UTC which is early Friday morning. A line of showers beginning to make its way through the region. By late morning on Friday, they will be off to our east.
So how much can we expect? My current thinking is just under a quarter of an inch. The HPC seems to agree with this idea shown in the picture below. The map is valid for 0600 UTC to 1200 UTC on Friday, which is the expected time for this frontal passage.

HPC Precipitation forecast for 0600 UTC to 1200 UTC Friday, which is early Friday morning. This is the expected time for the cold front to pass.
After the cold front passes expect temperatures to fall. The high projected for Friday will struggle to get out of the 40s. Lows Friday night will be in the upper 20s with clear skies allowing for even greater cooling. Saturday looks pleasant as high pressure will bring us clear and moderate temperatures to Bowling Green. On Sunday, clouds will re-enter into the picture as another surface low works its way across the area. Rain chances will increase throughout the day and possibly a few thunderstorms as well.

Days at a Glance:

Thursday: High of 63 with a low of 36. Slight chance for a few scattered showers tomorrow morning.

Friday: High of 48 with a low of 28. Showers chances will increase Friday morning around 1:00 AM and diminish around 6:00 AM. Precipitation amounts look to be just under a quarter of an inch.

Saturday: High of 52 with a low in the mid 30s. High pressure dominating, with clear skies throughout the day.

Sunday: High of 59 with a low in the mid 30s again. Another round of showers will push through the day on Sunday. A few thunderstorms can also be expected.

 Forecaster: Brian Urbancic  

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