Thursday, July 5, 2012

Forecast 7/5-7/8

Today expected to be a warm one with the high pressure ridge building back in and heights rising. Some areas could reach 100 today depending upon cloud cover and afternoon storm development. The SPC has put Bowling Green in the slight risk for strong storms today. With multiple left over boundaries in the area, pin pointing the area that storms will develop is tricky. Showers and storms should be pop up in nature and very scattered. The models seem to agree that storms will likely develop off in the east and move in with scattered storms possible ahead of that development. The largest threat with these storms will be large hail and wind.

Friday will bring another chance of thunderstorm development from day time heating. Temperatures could top out in the 100's again with lows in the 70's. The ridge pattern is expected to hold out through Friday with high humidity making dangerous heat conditions.

Saturday and Sunday will have slight relief from the stout upper level ridge as it will move out with a cold front moving in sometime Sunday/Monday depending on which model you believe. This will bring a slight cool down in temperatures and a slight chance of storms all weekend.

Forecaster: EAY
Next Update: 7/16/12

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