Monday, September 21, 2015

Nice and Sunny Start to Autumn


We have had some beautiful September weather today!  Bowling Green reached an official high of 79° this afternoon, and our normal high temperature is 80°.  So, these are very seasonable conditions.

Overnight lows have been a bit below average, which has left us with some chilly mornings.  That will be the case again tomorrow.  We will start the day off right around 50°.  So, you may need a jacket as you head out the door in the morning, but you won’t need it for long.

Forecasted high temperatures for Tuesday, September 22nd courtesy of the National Weather Service.
This fabulous weather is going to continue on for a good portion of the workweek.  Tomorrow, temperatures are going to reach right around 80° once again. However, our daily temperatures will slowly increase throughout the workweek, and we will see low to mid 80s for the second half of the week.

Low 80s may not be cool and crisp like we often imagine a nice Autumn day, but that is how we are going to kick off the season!  Wednesday is the first day of Fall, and it is going to be plenty sunny and just little warm.

Forecasted surface condition for 1:00PM CDT on Tuesday, September 22nd courtesy of Intellicast.
Looking further ahead, while high pressure is going to keep us clear and comfortable for most of this week, our next chance of rain will arrive this weekend.  We will have more details on that later in the week.


Tonight:  Mostly clear skies, lows near 50°, and calm winds.

Tomorrow:  Sunny skies, highs near 80°, and winds out of the northeast at around 5-10 mph.

Tomorrow Night:  Mostly clear skies, lows near 55°, and calm winds.

Wednesday (First Day of Autumn):  Sunny skies, highs near 82°, and winds out of the ENE at around 4-8 mph.

Wednesday Night:  Mostly clear skies, lows near 60°, and calm winds.

Thursday:  Mostly sunny skies, highs near 85°, and winds out of the east at around 5-10 mph.

Forecaster: Arden Gregory

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