Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week Turns Soggy

The past few days have turned out to be beautiful with the sun finally making its was out and temperatures breaking 70! Wednesday things will begin to change. High pressure will be moving closer to our region which will in turn push cold air our way. High pressure flows clockwise which will pull colder air from Canada into Kentucky. Warm air will be drawn away from our area and into a region of cool air behind this area of high pressure. This will cause scattered showers across South Central Kentucky for the next several days. With temperatures in the low 50s and rain throughout the day, we will be very soggy for rest of the week. Saturday looks to shape up for a beautiful weekend, but we just have to get through these few wet days.

                                                 Surface conditions for Wednesday 18th.

Wednesday: Clear skies in the morning with clouds filling in the afternoon. High near 54°F. Slight wind 5-8mph from the NE.

Wednesday Night: Rain will move in after midnight with lows hitting 40°. Less than a quarter of an inch of rain is expected.

Thursday: High temperature will barely reach 50°. A chance of rain remains in the forecast. Again less than a quarter inch of precip throughout the day.

Thursday Night: Cloud cover will keep overnight temperatures warmer around 42°. Rain chances continue overnight with less than a quarter inch expected.

Friday: The overall setup of the atmosphere will change and rain will be out of the forecast. Temperatures will begin to rise again and reach near 60°.

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