Monday, July 7, 2014

Storms Tonight and Tomorrow, Mild Rest of Week

We could not have asked for a better holiday weekend.  We had warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine for Independence Day celebrations.  However, rain is back in the forecast.

A weak cold front is headed our direction and is bringing with it a chance for showers and thunderstorms.  The heat and humidity that we have dealt with today have made the atmosphere more unstable.  So, some of these thunderstorms could be strong or even severe.

 A majority of the area that is at risk for severe weather tonight is to our north and west.  However, the SPC convective outlook for tonight, shown in the graphic below, has a large area of slight risk for severe weather; and Bowling Green is included along the southern edge of it.  So, we are not necessarily in the clear.  If storms do hit tonight, the biggest threats are heavy rain, dangerous lightning, and gusty winds.

While it is possible that we could see some of these thunderstorms tonight, it is more likely that they will roll through our area tomorrow when the cold front actually passes through.  As shown in the graphic below, the SPC convective outlook has all of Kentucky under an area of slight risk for severe weather tomorrow.   There is a chance for showers and thunderstorms during the early morning, but the round of storms expected tomorrow afternoon and evening are more concerning.  The biggest threats tomorrow will be damaging winds and torrential rain, which could possibly lead to some minor localized flooding.

The rest of this week is expected to be milder with temperatures in the upper 80s and plenty of sunshine.  We have another chance for shower and thunderstorms this weekend.  However, at this time, there is no severe weather expected for our weekend.


Tonight:  Mostly cloudy skies, a 40% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms,  a low near 72°, and winds out of the SSW at around 8-12 mph.

Tomorrow:  Mostly cloudy skies, a 70% chance of showers and thunderstorms, a high near 89°, an overnight low near 70°, and winds out of the southwest at around 10-15 mph.

Wednesday:  Partly cloudy skies, a slight chance of morning showers, a high near 86°, an overnight low near 65°, and winds out of the WNW at around 5-7 mph.

Thursday:  Mostly sunny skies, a high near 86°, an overnight low near 65°, and winds out of the northeast at around 5-7 mph.

Forecaster: Arden Gregory

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