Thursday, March 27, 2014

Windy and Rainy Day

Good afternoon and welcome to Thursday. Temps in Bowling Green are hovering around 50 with winds gusting to 23 mph from the south. Pressure gradients are strong today making these winds from the south so strong.

Current surface pressure. Notice isobars compacted together across KY causing our winds to gust up to 30mph.

Clouds look to remain here with scattered rain showers this afternoon. More organized storms look to move into Bowling Green later this evening. Instability looks to be lacking with CIN preventing air tapping into any energy we may have. A few thunderstorms cannot be ruled out, but none will be severe. The time frame for the first round to move through is around 7 - 9 PM with the second line moving in a few hours later.

HRRR Model simulated reflectivity valid tonight at 7 PM. Notice line of thunderstorms forming in central MO.
Again, these storms will not be severe but could bring some gusty winds and heavy rain. Rain totals could be as high as 1 inch. More rain is on track to come our way tomorrow night into Saturday morning giving way to some clear skies Saturday afternoon and Sunday!  

Days at a Glance

Thursday: High 64, Low tonight of 58 with thunderstorms tonight.

Friday: High 68, Low 52 with rain showers during the evening and cloudy skies all day.

Saturday: High 56, Low 47 with rain showers in the morning and clouds clearing Saturday afternoon.

Sunday: High 60, Low 35 with clear skies.

Forecaster: Brian Urbancic 

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