Sunday, February 2, 2014

Winter Storm Warning

Winter Storm Warning is in effect for the Bowling Green area from 5 PM Sunday to 6 AM Sunday.

With that being said good afternoon folks and welcome to an interesting weather forecast for the night. As of now our cold front has pushed through as our winds are from the northwest. Temperatures will continue to drop through the afternoon into the night with rain switching to snow  early this evening.

Purple dashed line indicates the surface freezing line. Notice the northwesterly winds advecting cold air.
Winds at the mid levels of the atmosphere are coming from the SSW providing sufficient moisture for the system moving through, with sufficient upper level energy. This transition zone is currently on the Ohio river and pushing to the southeast. The major question is what time is the change over to snow and how much can we expect in Bowling Green??

As of now the change over to snow looks to occur around 6 PM - 7 PM tonight. 

Moderate to heavy snow showing up in the 18Z data. This run is valid for early tomorrow morning. North of the blue line across Kentucky is snow.

Totals are tough to judge. What we know as of now, a heavy snow band with a tight gradient will set up tonight in Kentucky. Current data suggests Bowing Green will be on the tip of this heavy snow line. Three to 6 inches of snow is our current thinking for total accumulation in Bowling Green. Snow will push out around 6 AM.

Be careful during tomorrows commute and tonight as you travel to and from Super Bowl parties. Moderate to heavy snow may impact the area around 11 PM - 1 AM. Roads tomorrow morning will be slick and snow covered if we do receive 3-6 inches. Snow is nothing to mess around with!

Forecaster: Brian Urbancic

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