Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Cold Continues!

Good evening everyone and I hope you are bundled up. Currently Bowling Green is at 22 degrees with winds at 4 mph coming from the SW. This is providing no relief to our area, which is under a Wind Chill Advisory from 3 AM to to 12 PM tomorrow. Winds will be gusting up to 20 mph overnight which will send wind chills into  negative values tomorrow morning. Bring in outside pets for the overnight cause it will be brutal.

Map highlighting the Wind Chill Advisory which is valid for Bowling Green at 3 AM - 12 PM tomorrow

Below freezing temperatures look to be here through the rest of the week. Saturday is when our next warm up is to take place where temps look to top out around 40.

Days at a Glance

Thursday: High of 15 with a low of 7. Wind chill values could be as low as -7 degrees tomorrow morning. 0% chance precip. Mostly cloudy skies.

Friday: High of 24 with a low of 5. Wind chill values could be as low -3 degrees. Cloudy conditions with 0% chance fore precip.

Saturday: High of 38 with a low of 25 with a 30% chance for precipitation.

Sunday: High of 44 with a low of 25.

Forecaster: Brian Urbancic

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