Friday, December 13, 2013

Weekend Rainmaker

Days at a Glance:
Friday: Very chilly morning low in the upper teens rising to a high in the upper 40's. 5-6 mph SSW winds slightly shifting SSE throughout day under increasing cloudy skies into the afternoon. 70% chance of scattered light rain/wintery precip/snow showers/drizzle beginning late afternoon/evening switching over to widespread moderate rain showers into the overnight hours.

Saturday: Begin in the mid 30's rising to mid 40's. 5-6 mph SE winds shifting to 10-12 mph NW winds into afternoon and evening under overcast skies. 100% light to moderate rain showers dissipating mostly by noon with light rain drizzle throughout the remainder of the day. Total rainfall accumulations averaging 1/2 of an inch and staying under 3/4 of an inch.

Sunday: Low in the upper 20's rising to the mid 30's. 8-10 mph NW winds shifting to 5-6 mph SW winds late evening under sunny skies as clouds clear out in the morning hours. No precipitation anticipated.

Someone must have been doing the rain dance because rain is on the way for the first half of the weekend. After an overall cold week, temperatures will moderate slightly bringing rain with it. The surface high pressure that parked over us yesterday into today will be shifting to our east overnight into tomorrow. A low pressure system will pass directly over our area from the SW. This will bring widespread light to moderate rain showers overnight Friday into Saturday morning. A slight wintery precip/snow/rain mix is possible Friday afternoon as the dry atmosphere continues to saturate but the very light intensity, relatively short duration, and above freezing surface temperatures will lead to negligible impacts. Even though a majority of the rain is moving out around noon Saturday, lingering rain drizzle will stay for the remainder of the day before fully dissipating into the evening and overnight hours.
Weather Prediction Center's Quantitative Precipitation Forecast (total precipitation accumulations in inches) from 6am Friday morning to 6am Saturday morning.
Another cold blast of all too familiar Arctic air will rush into the area behind the cold front Saturday evening and overnight into Sunday morning under clearing skies. This will keep Sunday's temperatures like much of this past week in the low to mid 30's under mostly sunny skies.

Forecaster: Austin Boys

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