Friday, December 27, 2013

Typical Winter Weather Expected, Including a Chance of Snow

Days at a Glance:

High: 51 Low: 27  Skies will remain clear and sunny with winds out of the SSW between 5-7 mph.

High: 53 Low: 37 Skies will remain mostly sunny during the day, but will change to mostly cloudy skies as the day ends as the chance of some rain showers increases into the evening hours.  Winds will start out from the SSW around 6 mph, but will weaken to calm winds around midnight.  Chance of rain 20%.

High: 50 Low: 29 Skies will be cloudy throughout the morning with the chance of a rain shower, but will clear up before noon to partly cloudy skies.  Snow showers are possible during the evening hours, although little to no accumulation is expected.  Winds will be coming out of the WSW between 6-8 mph.  Chance of precipitation: 30%.

These are the estimated rain totals for Saturday into Sunday with Bowling Green, KY only getting between 0.10" and 0.25" of rain.

The weather for our area has been kept clear by a dome of high pressure, however, that high pressure system will be pushed out of the way by a cold front bringing in cooler temperatures.  This will set up the stage for some rain to make its way into our area late Saturday into early Sunday.  The rain is expected to take a small break during the day Sunday, but then it is expected to return Sunday evening, but unlike it did in the morning, it may fall as snow instead of rain.  As of now, there is a very small chance that any accumulation of snow will occur during the night Sunday.  We can also expect very little accumulation of rain.  So enjoy it while it lasts, because the weather will change after this weekend.

Forecaster: Will Paschall

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