Monday, November 4, 2013

Warmer start to the week! Rain Wednesday?

Currently the temperature is 61 with winds SSW at 9 mph.  Our official low this morning was 36 degrees.  An analysis of the upper part of the atmosphere shows a ridging pattern over our area.  Winds are out of the southwest which is causing warm air advection over our area.  At the surface, high pressure is in control, however a cold front is off to our west that is moving to the NE.  We are feeling the effects in the way of cloud cover.  Since the winds are out to the south, it will allow our temperature to warm up to 64 degrees today.  Moving into Tuesday, high pressure that is over our area will begin to move out of our area, and the cold front off to our west will move off to the northeast.  An area of low pressure will form over the plains, and will move off to the NE forming a cold front that will move toward our area by Wednesday.  Winds will remain southerly on Wednesday increasing our temperatures, and the current timing of the cold front moving through is late Wednesday night.  As it currently stands, it appears that the cold front will move through as rain.  No severe weather is expected at this time.

Visible Satellite valid for 12:30 P.M. CDT on November 4, 2013.

Days at a glance

Monday afternoon:  High temperature will be 64 under partly cloudy skies with winds out of the SSW at 9 mph.  The low tonight will be 44.  No precipitation expected.

Tuesday:  Morning low will be 42 and the high temperature will be 63 under partly cloudy skies with winds out of the south at 6 mph.  No precipitation expected.   

Wednesday:  Morning low will be 47 and the high temperature will be 71 under partly to mostly cloudy skies.  A cold front will push through late Wednesday night bringing rain.  Chance of precipitation is 60%. 

Forecaster:  Tyler Binkley


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