Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beautiful Beginning Leading to a Stormy End

Week at a Glance

Monday: High: 72, Low: 60.  Clouds will remain in the area throughout the day and will start clearing out during the night with gusty winds coming out of the South around 21 mph during the day and switching to the South-Southeast and slowing down to around 7 mph overnight.

Tuesday: High: 77, Low: 61. Partly to mostly cloudy skies during the day increasing to cloudy skies overnight with increasing chances for a small rain shower.  Winds will not be as gusty as they were on Monday with winds out of the South-Southeast staying around 13 mph during the day and shifting to South and slowing down to around 8 mph.  Chance of rain: 20%.

Wednesday: High: 72, Low: 57.  Mostly cloudy skies throughout the day and overnight with a chance of a small rain shower.  Slightly stronger winds coming out of the South around 15 mph switching to coming out of the South-Southwest around 9 mph. Chance of rain: 20%.

Thursday: High: 63, Low: 52.  Showers and thunderstorms with a chance of some severe weather Thursday morning becoming more of a chance for showers throughout the day and overnight.  Winds will be out of West around 11 mph during the day and slow down to about 6 mph overnight. Chance of rain: 70%.

Weather Discussion

Monday and Tuesday will be the nice days of the week as a high pressure system dominates our area bringing warm moist air from the gulf causing our highs to be in the low to mid 70s and lows in the low 60s. As a strong upper level disturbance progresses across the plains, clouds will increase Wednesday bringing with it a small chance of a stray shower.  Thursday is when we are really expecting the rain as the same upper level disturbance comes into the Bowling Green area Thursday morning bringing with it a potential severe weather threat.  Rain totals for Thursday can be between 1.25"-1.50".  Stay tuned to this blog as Thursday approaches for any severe weather updates.

Combined rain totals for both Wednesday and Thursday.

Forecaster: Will Paschall

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