Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snow Tonight!

Days at a Glance

Monday: High- 38 Low- 32  Winds - 15-20 mph NW  Precip -80% Snow, expect a dusting to a half inch of accumulation through tomorrow night.

Tuesday: High - 43 Low - 29 Winds - 5-10 mph NW Precip - 30% Chance for a few lingering snow showers until 4:00 AM. No accumulation expected.

Wednesday: High - 46 Low - 26 Winds - 5-10 mph NW Precip - 0% Clearing skies early Wednesday.

The temperature currently in Bowling Green is 35 with overcast skies. A total of 0.6 inches of precipitation fell with an impressive burst of hail this afternoon. Overcast skies will continue throughout the night tonight and throughout the next few days until Wednesday morning. Wrap around snow, associated with a low pressure, is likely tonight into tomorrow.

This map shows the composite reflectivity valid for 00 UTC showing steady precipitation throughout the night tonight and into tomorrow morning.

Accumulations look to be minimal with amounts between a dusting and a half inch. Tuesday looks to be another cloudy day with temperatures only getting to 43. A few lingering snow showers cannot be ruled out on Tuesday. Once the clouds break on Wednesday morning, temperatures will get into the mid to upper 40s.

Forecaster: Brian Urbancic

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