Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cruising to the Weekend

The line of storms that passed through Warren County Wednesday evening proved more of a temporary relief from the humidity than a severe weather threat. Finishing out the work week, muggy and similar conditions are likely to continue with no apparent air mass transition. Looking into the weekend, the main feature of focus is a moderate cold frontal passage depicted to pass through the area on Saturday with a quarter to a half inch of rain probable according to model output. However, the HPC's precipitation forecast is calling for upwards of two inches. Following behind will be a high pressure system that will settle in to start the new week on a mild and dry note, and might require you to shake the dust off your favorite sweatshirt. Be alert for updates for this approaching cold front.

Hydrometeorologic Prediction Center qualitative precipitation forecast for Saturday

Daily Temperatures:

Thursday:  High: 92       Low: 70
Friday:      High 93        Low: 71
Saturday:  High 83        Low: 61
Sunday:    High 71        Low: 57

Forecaster: Austin Boys

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