Thursday, April 12, 2012

Warming up, some clouds and a chance for rain coming Monday

Thursday:  Sunny skies.  High near 65 with a low around 35.
Friday:  Mostly sunny skies.  High near 73 with a low around 50.
Saturday:  Mostly to partly sunny skies.  High near 83 with a low around 60.
Sunday:  Mostly sunny skies.  High near 80 with a low around 60.

Heading into the weekend, our weather will quickly get back to normal.  A deep, slow-moving trough over the west coast will advect eastward by the end of the weekend, but until it does, a ridge will be dominating our weather.  The surface low attendant to the trough is currently over the Kansas/Colorado border.  Return flow from the Gulf will help to quickly rebound our temperatures back to normal for this time of the year.  Because of the moisture advection from the Gulf and a warm front that should lift north of the state by early Saturday, gradual warming for the next few days, calm weather and a few clouds late this weekend will turn into increased cloudiness Saturday and a chance for rain beginning early next week.

Day 3 Fronts and Pressures
A look at Saturday's surface map shows the warm front lifting north of us by the early morning hours.

Lead Forecaster:  Jeremy Young

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